Fine Art

Lisa Huber

I am an experimental artist working mostly in Watercolor and Oil. My pieces are nostalgic, but incorporate texture experimentation as well as oil into my watercolor pieces.
I grew up in the post Korean War era with farm land, animals, and implements nearby. "Progress" and soldiers returning from war and needing homes for their new families quickly cleared the land of these encumbrances, and brought the city closer. The images of this time are haunting because of a simpler way of life that we lost and the way it disappeared in the blink of an eye. These memories eventually drew me to study with Osral Allred, a master of rural imagery and watercolor experimentation. I learned to let the medium flow naturally and to follow where it leads. His sense of pure abundant color is also incorporated into many of my pieces, both in watercolor and oil.

I hope that my artwork draws the viewer in by its color, texture, and innovation, but also sparks a forgotten image of a simpler time.

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